As an independent brand, we’re uniquely able to take the time we need to give our clothing the attention it deserves. We make fewer, nicer things, created with consideration for the natural world. Our process is local, low impact and ethical end-to-end.

Neranese Thistle Top. Woman wearing ivory linen puff sleeve top in a field.

our Design

We’re building a wardrobe to be loved for seasons to come. We dream of vintage looks and long summer days, distill our vision down to its essence, and design it into clothing for doing absolutely everything in.

Fabric in rose pattern

our Materials

We source our materials locally, and always consider the environmental impact of our choices. Whether it means using low-impact fabrics like ECOVERO™ viscose, natural linen or deadstock fabrics, we select materials that not only feel beautiful but also align with our natural-loving nature.

Craftsperson working with sewing tools and fabric

our Manufacturing

Neranese is based in Los Angeles and supports other creatives and makers in our community. Our patternmaker and sample sewers work as independent contractors setting their own hours and rates. Our manufacturers are small, often family-run operations using healthy industrial practices, fighting against low worker wages and making people their priority.

Model wearing white, flowy blouse

our Impact

When it comes to reducing our impact, there is always more that we can do. We value sustainability more than what something may cost, and will always choose to go the long way around rather than cut corners. By making respectful choices throughout the design process, we aim to enrich not only the clothing we make but also your experience when it becomes a part of your wardrobe.